Today is my brothers 7th birthday. He was so excited yesterday he tired himself out. It is also my friend Lilou’s birthday today as well. It is also my semi circle teacher ms watermen’s birthday. There sure are alot of birthday’s today. I am going to my friend Lilou’s birthday her party is in prospect park by a elephant trunk tree it is going to be so awesome. I will tell you all about when i get back.

Chuck E Cheese

Today I went to chuk e cheese it was so fun. I played lots of games. I played pink panther,basket ball,ice age,roller coaster and more. It was amazing. I know some people may think chuck e cheese is for babies but I dont. I think it is for everyone. If people decide to go to chuck e cheese you should play the games I played.


Today I had Pops cereal. It is very good. When I was about 5 I didn’t like Pops because I thought it tasted gross. Now I like the cereal because it tastes like a mixture of yummy goodness. I think Pops cereal gets it’s name from when you pour milk onto the cereal it makes pop sounds. I like this cereal and I think you should too.


Today I read a segment of a book named ghost. It is not about ghosts. It is about a boy named castle cranshaw who went through a difficult time with his mother and father and his father had to go to jail and his mother and him had to run for there lives. They are ok. But then one day castle ( ghost ) went to the park and saw people training for the Olympics. While he was watching this specific kid went up to run everyone was wispering saying he was un beatable. But castle thought he was able to beat the boy. To prove castles point he raced with the boy. Guess what nobody won it was a tie. Then instantly the coach wanted castle on his team.


My blog has been about food since I started ohjani’s blog. Now my blogs will be about things I do everyday. Because every day is a new adventure. Today I read a book called Elizabeth’s Jamestown Colony Diary. It was an interesting book because it was about how this girl named Elizabeth was moving to new land but her twin brother had to stay behind with his aunt in England because his lungs were not so good. So Elizabeth felt really sad because she was going to miss him. When they moved people were dying because of the summer sickness. After that her mom had a baby named Abigail. I thought this was a great book. I thought it wasn’t going to be a good book because of it’s cover. Listen to the saying don’t judge a book by it’s cover. It can be use full. I also think people should read this book when they get a chance

Take a hike!

Today I went on a hike. It wasn’t in the scary woods or anything. I just walked all the way from the other side of queens to kew gardens. It was very long and hard. It didn’t seem like much because I was still in the same borrow. But OH BOY WAS I WRONGE !! It felt like a jungle. So for your sake I would advise you not to do that. Unless you are really prepared


Today i had some yummy fruity pebbles. I am pretty sure evryone has had fruity pebbles befor. But for those who haven’t. They look like tiny lilittle colorfull pebbles. They taste amazingly fruity in your mouth. They are so good you should eat them every morning.


Today i had dominoes pizza. It was amazing. But it was diffrent. It was chicken alfredo pizza. Instead of tomato sauce it was alfredo sauce. The toppings were chicken of course ,tomatoes,and spinich. It was amazing. It was amazing because there was just the right amount of toppings. It would be a good idea if you try it20180717_232746